LGBTQ+ Christian Resources

A Queer Calling : Reflections on the experiences of a celibate, LGBT, Christian couple

Spiritual Friendship: Musings on sexuality, God, and relationships 

Mudblood Catholic: A blog about Catholicism, queer issues, pacifism, anarchism, theology, and spirituality

Catholic Authenticity : A queer Catholic homeschool mom grapples with faith on the existential peripheries

Queer Christian Fellowship: Cultivating radical belonging among LGBTQ+ people and allies through a commitment to growth, community, and relational justice

Eleison: A resource for the Eastern Orthodox Church and those wrestling with faith and sexuality

A Joyful Stammering: Ramblings of a generally content 20-something

University Ideas:  Gay, Catholic reflections from Chris Damian

Meditations of a Traveling Nun: A celibate lesbian committed to a traditional sexual ethic, Bridget Eileen writes about singleness, celibacy, and sexuality

Strength of His Might: Aaron, a Reformed believer, writes on sexual ethics, singleness, and sexuality

Revoice: Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other gender and sexual minority Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality

Church Clarity: Church Clarity is a scoring database for churches based on how explicitly clear they are on their actively enforced policies pertaining to LGBTQ+ participation and women in leadership. Follow the discourse on Twitter! #ClarityisReasonable

Modern Kinship: A queer guide to Christian marriage.