Celibacy Devotional Preview

Hi all! I had a busy spring semester and the summer term has just begun. With the Revoice Conference next week, I thought now would be an excellent time to release a devotional I wrote last year on the vocation of celibacy. While some of my thoughts and beliefs on the subject have changed since then, I believe it is an important time capsule to where I genuinely was at the time. I pray it is helpful for those discerning the vocation of celibacy, or others just wanting to learn more about it.

I picked seven different Scripture passages to meditate over the course of seven days. I hope my reflections are fruitful for you, no matter where you are in your faith journey.

Day 1: Celibacy as a Foretaste of Heaven

Day 2: Celibacy as Commitment

Day 3: Celibacy as Shared Spiritual Life

Day 4: Celibacy as Vulnerability

Day 5: Celibacy as Radical Hospitality

Day 6: When Celibacy isn’t a Gift

Day 7: Celibacy as Romance

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